Convincing reasons to start running.

Co kieruje ludźmi, którzy zaczynają biegać? Jakie argumenty przemawiają za tym by rozpocząć jogging. Czy w ogóle warto biegać? Na te pytania znajdziecie odpowiedź w kolejnym naszym tekście po angielsku z wytłumaczonymi trudniejszymi słówkami

Convincing reasons to start running.

At first, running is easy and cheap. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment, you can do it anywhere. You only need a pair of running shoes, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts. If you are a woman, you need additionally a supportive sports bra. You can save some money thus there is no need to buy a gym membership unless you want to train on a treadmill. Training outside provides adventures and gives you an opportunity to explore, which is far more fascinating than e.g. watching tv during a workout in a gym. In fact, you don’t have to learn how to run – you just do it. Sometimes you have to adjust your posture but basically it’s placing one foot in front of the other and settling into a relaxed pace. You can jog, steady run or sprint, depending on your trim and goals.

Running is an intense and fat burning exercise; a powerful ally against weight loss. Working out blasts calories and tones muscles. As a result you get rid of the excess fat and convert it to muscle. But no worries, you won’t become a bodybuilder, it’s not that easy.

You can make new friends. You’d be surprised to see how many people run in your neighbourhood. Once you become a regular runner, you start to see other runners too.

Another reason – physically active people can eat more carbs, it’s a real excuse because running is actually a pretty hard workout. As you run systematically, your carb intake increases and you need more energy. When you are preparing for a race, you have to eat more and balance your diet to improve your performance.

There’s a proverb „an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. In fact, being active promotes health and reduces the risk of many cancers. Regular running lowers blood pressure, raises good cholesterol and boosts your immunity. Hence, you can combine both and live longer. Obviously, you can’t eat just apples, don’t you even dare to do that to your body.

Such a workout makes you feel better, not just physically but mentally as well. It encourages better quality sleep and you actually do, sleep, all night long. Running reduces stress levels and helps in anxiety. If you feel the need to clear your head – you know what to do!

Running is up to you, you can change each variable, keep it interesting and motivating. You choose paths, a distance, a pace , goals and time of day. Working out early in the morning makes you spry for the rest of the day whereas exercising in the evening is quite an adventure in the dark with the lights on. If you’re brave enough and crave for adventures, you can go for a run to a forest in the evening, but I’m afraid you won’t see any lights on. Running in the rain doesn’t have to be scary, it can be such delightful experience! So can it be in the middle of the storm, indeed. A workout can be changed into intervals, such kind of training is featured by exciting and blasting calories stages that lack boredom and boost metabolism up to 24 hours.

Running makes my day. I run to feel alive. What about you?

Author: Katarzyna Konar


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Słowniczek - wyjaśnienie najtrudniejszych słów z artykułu

  • Pace – tempo
  • Trim – kondycja
  • Ally – sprzymierzeniec
  • Carbs (carbohydrates) – węglowodany
  • Carb intake – spożycie węglowodanów
  • Proverb - przysłowie
  • Blood pressure – ciśnienie krwi
  • Immunity – odporność
  • To crave for something –pragnąć czegoś
  • Spry – rześki, żwawy,
  • Delightful – wspaniałe, piękne


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