Sexuality related

Idioms - sexuality related

An old flame - someone of the opposite sex you were strongly attracted to in the past - stara miłość

As the actress said to the bishop - (UK) This is used to highlight a sexual reference, deliberate or accidental.

Facts of life - When someone is taught the facts of life, they learn about sex and reproduction.

Play the field - Someone who plays the field has sexual relationships with many people.

A shotgun marriage, or shotgun wedding - is one that is forced because of pregnancy - małzeństwo z wpadki
Also a compromise, agreement or arrangement that is forced upon groups or people by necessity.

X-rated - If something is x-rated, it is not suitable for children - dozwolony tylko dla dorosłych, najczęściej dotyczy filmów erotycznych

A blue movie - a film with explicit adult scenes - film erotyczny/pornograficzny

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