Love and Relationship Idioms

Fiszki: Love and Relationship Idioms



Idiom Wyjaśnienie
a marriage of convenience when two people get married not because they love each other, but because they can gain something, for example when a non citizen marries a Canadian so that they can stay in Canada.
a match made in heaven a couple who get along perfectly
a shotgun wedding a wedding that happens quickly and suddenly because the woman is pregnant; the couple wants to be married before the baby is born.
an open marriage a marriage in which the husband and wife are free to have sex with other people!
ask for (someone's) hand in marriage to ask someone to marry you
blind date a date where the two people have never met before
break (someone's) heart to cause someone emotional pain, to make someone feel very sad or disappointed
fall for (someone) to begin to feel love for someone
fall in love (with someone) to begin to experience feelings of love for someone
find Mr. Right to find the right person or the perfect person to marry
find the right girl/guy to find the right partner, to find the person you want to marry
get along with (someone) to have a good relationship with someone
get back together to return to a relationship or marriage after separating
get hitched to get married
get serious (with someone) to become more serious in a romantic relationship with someone
give (someone or something) a second chance to try to save a relationship by forgiving and welcoming the other person back (usually after a fight or a breakup)
go Dutch to go on a date where each person pays half of the expenses
go out with (someone) to go on a date with someone, to be dating someone
go steady with (someone) to date one person regularly (not so common recently but at one time this expression was used often by teenagers)
good together to be able to get along well with each other
have a crush on (someone) to have strong feelings of love for someone (often for a short time and with no results)
have a thing for (someone) to be attracted to someone, to be interested in someone
have a thing going with (someone) to have a romantic relationship with someone
head over heels in love with (someone) to be very much in love with someone, to be completely in love with someone
hit it off (with someone) to get along well with someone (from the first time that you meet that person
hung up on (someone) to be obsessed with another person, to be interested in another person
love at first sight to fall in love with someone or something the first time that you see him or her or it
made for each other to get along extremely well with another person
make eyes at (someone) to flirt with someone, to look at someone to try and attract him or her
make up to resolve a quarrel, to forgive someone after an argument
on the rocks to be in a state of difficulty, to be having problems (usually used for a relationship)
patch up a relationship to repair a broken relationship
pop the question to ask someone to marry you
puppy love strong feelings of love (infatuation) between school
take one's vows to get married and take your wedding vows or make your wedding promises
the one for (someone) the right partner, the right person to marry
those three little words the three words "I love you"
tie the knot to get married
walk down the aisle together to get married (in this case in a church where the bride walks down the aisle to the altar)
walk out on (someone) to abandon your partner and end a relationship
whisper sweet nothings in (someone's) ear to say romantic or intimate things to someone

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