Opis obrazka - przykład 2

Look at the photo, describe it first and then answer the two questions below. You can compare your answers with the sample answers found in the key.

  1. Do you like to buy fruit and vegetables at a stall? Why? Why not?
  2. Apart from eating fruit, how should people take care of their health?


In the picture I can see a fruit stall. In the foreground there are some plastic baskets with red and green apples. In the background one can see other fruit displayed on shelves along the wall. There are all kinds of fruit in all colours: lemons, oranges, peaches, melons. On the left there are some people: the woman has already bought something and has turned around, the two men in the background are still deciding what to buy. The stall is probably a part of a larger building as I can see some other stalls. Perhaps people come here every day to buy fresh fruit, meat or bread. It seems to be a busy place.

Question 1.

  • a) I think that buying fruit and vegetables at a stall is a very good idea. First of all, the products are always fresh and the risk that the fruit or vegetables have been sprayed with some pesticides is smaller. If you buy fruit in a supermarket, you very often do not know where it comes from and if some chemicals were used to grow it. Personally, I also like the direct contact with the seller.
  • b) Buying fruit at a stall might have some advantages but there are a few drawbacks, too. When it comes to me, I prefer to buy fruit and vegetables in a supermarket due to the lower prices. There are seasonal discounts and price reductions which help you save money. Apart from that, a supermarket offers greater variety of fruit from all parts of the world, whereas at a stall you can usually buy only local fruit and vegetables.

Question 2.

Eating fruit and vegetables is necessary for good health. However, people should not forget about other types of food, such as cereals or lean meat, which enrich their diet and help them stay healthy. Another important thing is regular exercise. It is a good idea to join an aerobic class or take swimming lessons. Any type of physical activity makes your body fit and reduces the risk of serious diseases. Working long hours can affect our health. Therefore, it is also advisable to avoid stress and let your body regenerate during a peaceful night’s sleep.