Zestawy do matury ustnej z angielskiego - nr13


1. Rozmawiasz z koleżanką na temat jej pracy w przyszłości. Zapytaj:

  • a) Jak chce pracować w przyszłości,
  • b) Dlaczego właśnie tak chce pracować,
  • c) Czy w jej kraju łatwo jest znaleźć prace w jej zawodzie,


  • A. I always wanted to be a journalist. And where would you like to work?
  • B. I want to be an actress. I always liked the classical actresses like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn.
  • A. Why do you want to work as an actress? You won't have that much time for family etc.
  • B. But I would love to be a celebrity, have fame, and a lot of people who will admire me for my roles.
  • A. Is it easy to become an actress in Ireland?
  • B. I guess it is the same as everywhere – I will have to start from playing in theatres, and hope that someone will like my performances.
  • A. Very well, I wish you luck.


2. Opowiedz koleżance o kursie językowym na którym byłeś.

  • a) Powiedz jak przywitano uczestników
  • b) Co robiliśmy na tym kursie
  • c) Kogo poznałam na tym kursie


  • A. I participated in the English course yesterday. It was really fun, after entering, we were given some materials about grammar and vocabulary, so we could learn while listening to the lecture.
  • B. What did you have to do there?
  • A. Well, at first we were only listening to the lecture, but after that we engaged into the discussion about films, music etc.
  • B. Did you met anyone?
  • A. Yes, I've made a lot of new friends from all over the world.


3. Proponujesz koledze wyjazd nad jezioro, jemu ten pomysł jednak się nie podoba. Powiedz:

  • a) Spytaj go o inną propozycje,
  • b) Zaprzecz jego propozycji,
  • c) Zaproponuj kompromis.
  •  A. Hey, would you be interested to go camping next to the lake with me?
  • B. Sorry, I don't really like such trips.
  • A. Well, maybe you got something different to suggest?
  • B. How about we will go to the mountainside?
  • A. No, it is way too far for me, and I  don't even have that much money. Unless you can wait, and we could go to the mountainside next week, after I will get my payment.