Zestawy do matury ustnej z angielskiego - nr12



1. Szukasz pracy w Anglii. Powiedz:

  • Jaka praca cie interesuje,
  • Na jak długo
  • Opisz swoje doświadczenia.


  • A. Hello, I am interested in taking a job in England.
  • B. Very well then, are you interested in something specific?
  • A. Well, I am good at new technologies, so I'd like a job where I could use my skills, for example working with computers.
  • B. Ok, how long would you like to work there?
  • A. At least for 2 months, during my summer holiday.
  • B. Do you have any experience working in that sector?
  • A. I've often helped my parents and friends when they had problems with computers, I am also familiar with all the common problems, and I think I will manage.


2. Znalazłeś psa

  • opisz jak wyglądał
  • gdzie go znalazłeś
  • jak się zaprzyjaźniliście


  • A. Hello! Have you heard a news? I've got myself a dog!
  • B. Hey, that's wonderful! How does it look?
  • A. It is a small, white border collie.
  • B. It must be really cute, where did you find it?
  • A. I was coming back from the school, and I've seen him running around in the rain. It looked like someone abandoned him. I took him home, fed him, and he seemed to like me. Now he became a part of our family.


Obrazek : Kobieta w samochodzie pisząca sms w trakcie jazdy

  1. Pytanie 1. Co może się wydarzyć
  2. Pytanie 2. Czy jesteś za tym by używać telefonów w samochodzie.

This picture shows a woman sitting in the car, writing a text message while driving. In my opinion it is really reckless and stupid. She might easily cause an accident, if she will lose her focus on the road. In my opinion, people shouldn't use mobile phones while driving, and if they really have to, they should always use headphones and microphone instead of holding the telephone.