Proszę o sprawdzenie rozprawki (:

Proszę o sprawdzenie rozprawki na temat ludzi, którzy decydują się na założenie rodziny po trzydziestce. To dla mnie bardzo ważne. Dziękuję z góry. (:

New technologies and ways we can develop ourselves changed our life immediately. People want to have more and forget about establishing a family. More and more people do it after they are thirty. This solution can be ecolomical because people at that age can mostly pay for everything what family needs. But is money the most important thing?

People who are thirty usually are educated and have well – paid job. Then they can afford establishing a family, buying house and growing children. They are more prudent to spend money and plan expences than, for example, people who are twenty.

Thirty-year-old people are experiences in life. They know whot to do in most of life situations. Establishing a family is very difficult challange and to be ready to do so people need to know how to solve problems.

On the other hand, children usually want to have young parents, who understand them. Almost fifty-year-old mothers don’t understand problems of growing teenagers. Eldery people have lived through difficult life situations and think that teenagers’ troubles are not important. So children can look for other support that might be dangerous.

Summarizing, starting a family by more than thirt-year-old people has good and bad sides. They are usually experiences and responsible so they can be good spouses and parents. They also know what to do in almost every life trouble and how to behave in some situations so they can be role model for their children.