Medical English

Hallo! ;)
I see there is a English Business post, nice.
But I am interested in medical vocabulary ;)
Is there anyone who likes Medical English too?

I watch House MD and Grey's Anatomy very often and I am preparing to competition called 'become an expert' and I chose Medical words to learn.
So I am searching somebody who knows something about MeDical words ;)

PS Could somebody tell me please what means 'tonsilitis'?
I translated it 'quinsy' (angina) but I am not sure.

All the best ;)

tonsilitis to infekcja

tonsilitis to infekcja migdałków, czyli tonsils. 

quinsy to faktycznie angina, a angielskie słowo angina nie oznacza anginy jak to się często mówi (tzw false friend) ale oznacza dusznicę.