Please check me this excersise

Transform following sentence making them more empthatic. Use capitalisation.

1. She was late as she didn't hurry ( BECAUSE ) - Because she didn't hurry, she was late.
2. What make people experiment with drugs? Perhaps boredom ? ( IT ) - It is experiment with drugs that makes people.
3. To do this excersise won't take long. ( IT ) - It won't take long to do this excersise.
4. Do we find drug-taking among all age group?
5. Nick was late because he overslept, wasn't he? ( THAT ) - Nick overslept that he was late.
6. I suppose the hope of easy money tempts them. ( IF ) - If the hope of easy money tempts them, ........?.......
7. Often the small, not the bigs one, are caught. ( IT ) - It is the small that are caught, not the bigs one.
8. These men are totally ruthless. ( WHAT ) - Whar a ruthless men are they.
9. You did something that was wrong. ( WHAT ) - There was something wrong, what you did.

Could you make my mistakes? Because I know there are many mistakes... ;/