Idioms - Black

Idioms containing the word 'black' - kolorowe idiomy angielskie - idiomy ze słowem BLACK

as black as a skillet - very black

My hands were as black as a skillet when I finished working on the car engine.

as black as a stack of black cats - very black

The little boy was as black as a stack of black cats after playing outside all day.

as black as a sweep - very dirty/black

My friend was as black as a sweep after he finished cleaning the basement.

as black as coal - very black

My new dog is as black as coal.

as black as night - very dark and black

The old house was as black as night when we entered it.

as black as pitch - very black

My face was as black as pitch after cleaning the stove all morning.

as black as the ace of spades - very black

The horse in the parade was as black as the ace of spades.

black and blue - bruised

My shoulder was black and blue after I fell down the stairs.

black and white - either good or bad, either one way or the other way but not in between

Our boss sees everything in black and white although he knows this is impossible.

black eye - a bruise near one's eye which makes it appear black

The man received a black eye when he bumped into the closed door.

black market - illegal trade

You can change dollars for a much higher rate on the black market.

black out - to darken a room or building by turning off the lights

During the war people in the cities were forced to black out their windows so nobody could see them.

black out - to lose consciousness

The man blacked out during the parade and he had to sit down and rest.

black sheep (of a family) - the worst member of the family

The man is the black sheep in his family and has not made a success of his life.

black spot - a dangerous spot

His roundabout is a black spot for traffic accidents.

blackball (someone) - to exclude/ostracize someone socially, to reject someone

The businessman was blackballed in the industry because of his bad business practices.

blacklist (someone) - to exclude/ostracize someone, to write someone's name on a list if they break some rules

The sports federation blacklisted the swimmer because he was using steroids.

blackmail (someone) - to extort/take money from someone by threatening him or her

The photographer tried to blackmail the famous actress with some photographs that he had taken.

blackout- a temporary situation where you do not release some information

The government decided to have a blackout regarding the information related to the political prisoner.

blacklisted - be banned

Many actors and writers were blacklisted in Hollywood in the 1950's because they were considered "un-American.

black-tie event/affair - a formal event where guests wear semi-formal clothes with men wearing black bow ties with tuxedos or dinner jackets

The award ceremony for the movie awards was a black-tie affair.

give someone a black look - look at someone as if you are angry

Why is he giving me such a black look?

in black and white -be extremely clear

This contract is in black and white: we aren't allowed to keep any pets in this house.

in (someone's) black books - to be in disgrace or out of favor with someone

The boy is in his girlfriend's black books because he was late for their date.

in the black - to be successful or profitable

Our company has been in the black since they began to cut costs.

pitch-black - very black, as black as pitch

The road was pitch-black and we could not see anything.


Nie powiem że nie. Pomocne,

Nie powiem że nie.
Pomocne, bardzo.