Idioms with a word 'corner'


to be in a tight corner - to be in a difficult, threatening, or embarrassing position - znaleźć się w trudnej sytuacji;

He quit without giving notice and now we're really in a tight corner.

I'll be in a tight corner unless I buy a new car.


to drive sb into a corner - przyprzeć kogoś do muru;

You have driven me into a corner, so I guess I have to give in


to hold or fight one's corner - to defend something that you believe in by arguing. - bronić własnej pozycji;

You'll have to be ready to fight your corner if you want to make your wife to look for a job.


to cut corners - do something in the easiest or least expensive way often harming the quality of your work - (financially) - robić oszczędności; (in a procedure) iść na skróty

We've had to cut corners to make a film on such a small budget.


back somebody into a corner / box somebody into a corner / force somebody into a corner / push somebody into a corner - put someone into a situation where they do not have any choices about what to do - zapędzić kogoś w kozi róg / zapędzić się w ślepą uliczkę

Don't let your enemies back you into a corner.


corner the market (on something) - in finance - to be more successful than any other company at selling the product - wykosić konkurencję (uzyskać monopol, zmonopolizować rynek)

They've more or less cornered the fast-food market - they're in every big city in the world.


see something out of the corner of your eye - at a glance; glimpsing something, as with peripheral vision - zauważyć coś kątem oka

I only saw the accident out of the corner of my eye


turn the corner - to improve after going through something difficult - wyjść na prostą

I wonder if the country has really turned the corner in this crisis.


bardzo pomocny tekst,

bardzo pomocny tekst, dziękuję