Past Simple - nieregularne

Past Simple - czasowniki nieregularne

Martha: "Why didn't you come to class on Wednesday?" Margaret: "I sick."

Martha: "I'm sorry. What the matter?" Margaret: "I a cold on Monday."

Martha: "Are you better now?" Margaret: "Yes, thanks. I to feel better by Wednesday. Now I feel fine."

Martha: Your hair looks nice. Where you have it done? Margaret: "My friend it for me."

Martha: "She a nice job. you pay her?" Margaret: "Yes. I her five pounds."

Martha: "By the way, I like your bag. When did you buy it? Margaret "I it on Saturday."

Where you get it from?" Margaret: I it from Primark.

Martha: "How much it cost? Margaret: "It 10 pounds."

Martha: "I might buy one myself. I need a new bag. The strap on mine last week."

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