Staggering Discovery in Stonehenge

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Professor Augustus August is neither tall nor thin. In fact, he is the exact opposite of both. His clean-shaven head is almost perfectly spherical and his round rosy face radiates energy, contentment and optimism.

Being a world-famous scholar, the Professor is a man of simple tastes and habits. He loves bacon and eggs, cornflakes and tea and he simply adores milk chocolate. His favourite pastime is playing darts at the local pub and chatting with people. This has earned him the reputation of a true democrat.

neither ... nor... - ani... ani...
the exact opposite of both - dokładne przeciwieństwo obydwu
being a world-famous scholar - będąc światowej sławy uczonym
pastime - rozrywka, sposób spędzania wolnego czasu



Professor Augustus August is an archaeologist and an academic celebrity. It was his brilliant scientific deduction that led to the discovery in the vicinity of Stonehenge of a mysterious spoon which is supposed to have belonged to the legendary King Arthur. According to Professor August, King Arthur was greatly attached to the spoon and carried it with him everywhere. At present the spoon is kept in a specially designed box at the Professor’s house in London. According to experts, the spoon is probably the oldest object of its kind ever to have been found in the British Isles.

It was ... that led... - to jego... było tym, co doprowadziło
in the vicinity of - w pobliżu
which is supposed to have belonged - która, jak się przypuszcza, należała
according to - według
attached to - przywiązany do
ever to have been found - jaki, kiedykolwiek znaleziono



Dr Wilfred Winter is a senior lecturer in anthropology at London University. He is head of a research group in the Department of General Anthropology.
Dr Winter is the author of a number of books on social anthropology. The best known of these is The Descent of Apes, a treatise on the origin of the apes. The central theme of the book is the thesis that apes are directly descended from Man. Dr Winter has managed to antagonize both biologists and theologians. By so doing he has become one of the most controversial figures in contemporary anthropology.

is head of - jest kierownikiem
are directly descended from - pochodzą bezpośrednio od
to descend - zstępować, schodzić, pochodzić
antagonize - zrazić
by so doing - dokonując tego, tak postępując
Man - człowiek (jako gatunek)



Dr Wilfred Winter is an anthropologist and an amateur archaeologist. He is a deadly enemy of Professor August August. Dr Winter is in the habit of indirectly implying that the famous spoon discovered by Professor August in the vicinity of Stonehenge is a fake. However, he cannot prove anything conclusively because professor August doesn’t allow anybody to touch the spoon or even look at it too long. As a result Dr Winter cannot go beyond vague statements about the impossibility of the spoon being authentic. This unhealthy situation has produced an unpleasant side-effect: Dr Winter has developed a nervous tic.

to be in the habit of - mieć w zwyczaju (coś robić)
imply - sugerować, insynuować
to prove conclusively - udowodnić w sposób ostateczny (nie budzący wątpliwości)
to go beyond - wychodzić poza
vague statements - niejasne stwierdzenia
the imposibility of the spoon being - niemożliwość, żeby łyżka była


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1. Describe a man whose appearance is exactly opposite to that of Professor August.
2. Describe your own tastes and habits.
3. Compare two scientific discoveries: the discovery of a new elementary particle with the discovery of an old spoon.
4. What do you think of Prof. August’s discovery?
5. What do you think of Dr Winter’s idea that apes are directly descended from Man?
6. Try to formulate a shocking anthropological conception.
7. Dr Winter dislikes Professor August. Why? Give some possible reasons.
8. Try to describe a conflict between two eminent scholars.


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