Psychotherapist And His Patient - Part 7



Mr. Worthing’s reflections:

Why can’t I forget her? Do I still love her? After all these years? No, definitely not. Then what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I enjoy life? But can’t I? I’m no longer sure about that. Last Friday night the moon seemed different – transformed in a way. Was it because of the Heidegger book or…? Or because of Linda Brando’s smile? She seemed to understand me so well. Much, much better that Susan ever under understood me.


reflections - refleksje
still - ciągle (jeszcze)
after all these years - po tych wszystkich latach
wrong - nie w pozrządku, nie tak (jak trzeba)
to enjoy life - cieszyć się życiem
I'm no longer sure - już (dłużej) nie jestem pewien
transformed in a way - przemieniony w jakiś sposób
because of - z powodu
much better - dużo lepiej
she seemed to understand me - wydawała się rozumieć mnie