Describe the qualities needed for your favourite sport - opowiadanie

It is not enough for a man to know how to ride; he must know how to fall – Mexican proverb

Finding a sport that matches both your interests and physical abilities is not an easy task. However, as soon as you find the one, it might become your passion and the way to relieve everyday stress. My favourite sport is horse riding, which is not only a sheer physical exercise but also gives me an opportunity to have contact with these amazing animals. What kind of person would make a perfect rider?

To start with, you should be physically fit and have some stamina. I do not suggest that you must have the condition of a sportsman. Actually, you can take up riding even if you are not very fit and gain better condition with the course of time. Riding is a great exercise for your muscles, backbone and the whole body. If you are a beginner, be prepared for some difficulties in walking after the first riding session, which, of course, should not discourage you from further practice. What is more, you must be aware that the fitter you are the more progress you will make.

As far as your mental attributes are concerned, you will need some courage and confidence. Horses can feel if the rider is afraid or unsure what to do. This is the reason why beginners fall off so often. Anyway, if you possess some determination and enthusiasm, you will overcome the initial difficulties and enjoy the ride after some time. You need about fifty one-hour training sessions to be allowed to leave the paddock and gallop across the countryside.

People who want to become professional riders and take part in jumping or manege competitions need to be even more determined that those who ride only for fun. To be successful in this sport you must train regularly and believe that hard work will lead you to medals. Famous riders have willpower, self-confidence and an ability to communicate with their horses. Although horse riding is an individual sport, you and your horse create a team and you may only achieve your goal if you work together and understand each other.

To conclude, I do recommend this sport for everyone as it teaches you how to overcome your fears, helps to keep body in good condition, provides good fun and helps you to understand and respect the needs of other creatures.