04 mrz 2010

Today is very beautiful day. The sun is shining. Finally I can go for a long walk with my little daughter. She woke up already, so I must finish my studies English for today.

01 mrz 2010

My name is Ewa. I live in Poznań. I have been learning English for many years, but I can't learn good. I have been learning alone since January. I started from the beginning. I repeated all and I learn more. I hope I will know the language very well.
My big problem is my fear to speak.

I'm sorry for my mistakes.


Zielony1, Thank you for the

Thank you for the tip.
I always have difficulties with the choice of past tense.

if you write a lot in

if you write a lot in english, believe me, it will help you a lot with speaking. you can also try to talk to yourself, for example in front of the mirror (when nobody is at home ;)

regarding your notes, great you have written something but be a bit more careful about the grammar. when you say you learn english and you started some time ago and still learn you use present perfect continuous. so it should be:

I have been learning English for many years...

and don't apologize for the mistakes! try to avoid them. so the tip for you - have a look at perfect tenses and do a few exercises - it will help you and motivate for further learning.