Quiz - Idiomy

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Read the definitions and then use them into the correct spaces for each sentence

  • Large-handed – generous, charitable
  • Not to lift a hand - not to help someone
  • On the other hand –from a different perspective
  • To be an old hand at something – to be well-qualified or have experience at something
  • To catch somebody red-handed – to catch somebody while doing something wrong.
  • To get out of hand – to be beyond control
  • To keep one’s hand in – to keep the practice of
  • To lend a hand – to help
  • To overplay a hand – to overestimate your possibilities, strengths
  • To know somebody like the back of one’s hand - to know somebody very well

8. My brother asked me to help him with his homework. It wasn’t difficult for me so I agreed. This means that he wanted me…………

9. My teacher told me that I overestimated myself when it comes to this project. I assume that this is too difficult for me. That means that I …………

10. We’re friends. We’ve known each other for 7 years. I know my friend …………………..

6. The political situation in Africa is not peaceful anymore. It’s very dangerous to travel there. It’s just .......

7. From time to time she rides a horse. She doesn’t want to forget this skill. She wants to ……………… this sport.

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