You did it on purpose...

Niedawno pojawił się artykuł na temat części garderoby po angielsku z wymową. Dziś czas na podcast związany z ubraniamia. Poznamy słowo SHRINK i jego odmianę. Zapraszamy do odsłuchania lekcji.

Kevin has bought a new jumper. It has brown, orange and beige stripes. Kevin likes his jumper very much. Joanne hates it. “The colours are awful and it makes you look fat,” she says.

A few days later Joanne puts some washing in the washing machine. Kevin’s new jumper goes in the washing machine too. When it comes out, it has shrunk. Kevin is furious. “It says on the label ‘Hand Wash Only’. So why did you put it in the washing machine? You didn’t like the jumper. You did it on purpose.”

“Don’t be stupid,” says Joanne. “I am sorry that your jumper has shrunk. I got the clothes mixed up and put your jumper into the washing machine by accident.”

On purpose. By accident. What do these expressions mean?

Kevin says:

Joanne deliberately put my jumper into the washing machine.
She meant to make it shrink.
She intended to make it shrink.
She did it on purpose.
Joanne says:
I accidentally put Kevin’s jumper into the washing machine.
I did not intend to make it shrink.
I did not mean to upset Kevin.
It happened by accident.

When Joanne saw how upset Kevin was, she went out and bought him a new jumper, just the same as the old one. And a month later, Kevin put the jumper in the washing machine, and it shrank. By accident, of course.

Here’s Big George Jackson with a song especially for Kevin – it’s called “I’m sorry”.

Note: the jumper shrinks, it shrank, it has shrunk. Shrink is one of a small group of irregular verbs where the vowel changes from “i” in the present tense, to “a” in the past tense and “u” in the past participle. “Sing, sang, sung” is another one. Do you know any others?