How to spend one million pounds

Wyobraźmy sobie, że mamy milion funtów. Na co można je wydać? Podcast w języku angielskim.

Last week, my daughter came home from school. She told us that, as her homework, she had to spend a million pounds.
We told her that she didn’t have a million pounds. In fact in her money box she had precisely £12.47, and a book token. Then she explained that she had to imagine that she had a million pounds, and write down what she would spend it on.

She went on the internet to find things that she would like to buy, and to find out how much they cost. She started with a holiday in Rome, and a new mobile phone. A new watch would be nice, and lots and lots of jelly-beans. And a laptop computer and a printer. But then she ran out of ideas, and there was still about £998,000 to spend.

How about a house, my wife said. So my daughter found a nice little house in a very posh area looking out over Poole harbour in the south of England. A stretch limo would be good, and one of those BMW Smart cars. And she could take the whole family to Disneyland for a holiday. How about a helicopter, I said. So she found a beautiful red helicopter, second hand, for £114,000. The most expensive digital camera we could find cost £4,800, and a rather small second hand sailing boat cost another £4,000. She spent most of the rest of the money on a diamond necklace costing over £250,000. There was still £7.45 left to spend. So she typed £7.45 into Google, and found a leather iPod case which cost exactly that amount.

But then, disaster! We added up her list of purchases and it came to more than a million pounds. What could she do? I am afraid she cancelled the family trip to Disneyland, and instead bought about a hundred pounds worth of sweets (that is, about 10,000 sweets!), and after that her list added up to one million pounds exactly. I am still very disappointed about not going to Disneyland, but maybe my daughter will let me have some of her sweets.

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