LESSON 4: Transformations/Idioms/Verbs + Prepositions – part 1

I. Transformations

Transform the sentences using the words in brackets. Do not change the given words.

  • 1. The police know who is the murderer.
    The police are on _________________ . (trail)
  • 2. She wasn’t able to say anything.
    The words ____________________. (stuck)
  • 3. Our committee is divided into three departments.
    Our ______________________. (consists)
  • 4. As soon as she got up she switched on the radio.
    No sooner ___________________________. (than)
  • 5. Kate is more intelligent than any other student in her class.
    Kate _____________________________. (most)

II. Idioms

Exercise 1.

Match the idioms with their meaning.

1. To feel on top of
the world
a) to know something thoroughly
2. To know something
inside out
b) to understand a situation
3. To let sleeping
dogs lie
c) to crave for something, to desire
4. To get the picture d) to be extremely happy
5. To be hungry for
e) to leave a current situation as it
is for fear it might turn out worse or cause some trouble

Exercise 2.

Fill in the gaps with the appropriate form of the idioms from ex. 1.

a) Before the exam Joe was studying very hard so he knew the material _______. Now he has passed it and ______.

b) I have always said it: this boy is simply _______knowledge.

c) Could you explain once again how it happened? I don’t _________.

d) Don’t bother him about your pay rise. He’s so nervous he could yell at you. It’s better to ________.


III. Verbs + Prepositions

Fill in the missing prepositions:

  • 1. What are you laughing ____?
  • 2. I don’t object ____ you keeping flowers in our office.
  • 3. The company provides its employees ____ insurance.
  • 4. Many scientists experiment ____ animals.
  • 5. The children gazed ____ the magician in wonder.


I. Transformations

1. The police are on the trail of the murderer.
2. The words stuck in her throat.
3. Our committee consists of three departments.
4. No sooner had she got up than she switched on the radio.
5. Kate is the most intelligent student in her class.

II. Idioms

Ex.1: 1. d, 2. a, 3. e, 4. b, 5. c.

Ex. 2:
a) inside out, feels on top of the world
b) hungry for
c) get the picture
d) let the sleeping dogs lie
III. Verbs + Prepositions
1. at, 2. to, 3. with, 4. on, 5. at.