LESSON 3: further uses of present simple and present continuous


Present continuous

Let’s examine some parts of the text from the previous lesson in which the present continuous tense is used to speak about changes that take place over time:

  • "As you climb, your feet are getting heavier and heavier and the heat (or rain!) pouring down from the sky is making you tired (...)."
  • "Each year numerous tourists visit the Tatras and their number is growing steadily."

We can also use present continuous tense when we make complaints about annoying habits:

  • "You are always working till late. Why don’t you take a day off?"
  • "She is constantly quarrelling with her colleagues."


Present simple

Present simple tense is also used in newspaper headlines and recipes:

  • "Prime Minister accuses the government of dilatoriness"
  • "When they dough is ready, you sprinkle some flour on it"

We can also use the present simple tense while narrating past events/the plot of a novel or for telling jokes to make these stories more vivid (it is called "historic present"):

  • "In 1989 the communist regime collapses and the first partially democratic parliamentary elections take place"