rubber chicken

rubber chicken


The phrase is used as a description for food served at speeches, conventions, and other large meetings, and as a metaphor for speechmaking.


RUBBER CHICKEN to gumowy kurczak, rekwizyt używany w skeczach.

Jednakże mianem RUBBER CHICKEN określa się również „niesmaczne, ‘gumowe’ jedzenie serwowane na oficjalnych bankietach czy spotkaniach biznesowych.


The name derives from the fact that the quality of the food is secondary to the purpose of the event and seldom good.

Dodatkowe frazy

rubber-chicken dinner - A formal dinner or event thrown by politicians to raise funds.

Inne znaczenie (18+)
rubber chicken
-what a penis can look like when it is "shaven"
-another name for a penis

jojo: "did i tell you what michael said to me while we were hooking up?!"
demi: "no! what did he say!?!"
jojo: "he told her he felt bad because it looked like a rubber chicken..."

gumowy kurczak - rubber chicken - niesmaczne jedzenie na bankietach