Ho Ho Ho Faq..

Q: Why does Santa use Elves?
A: There is no trade union for Elves. They're easy to exploit.

Q: Why do reindeer have red noses?
They are not equipped with ABS and thus tend to bump into things on
slippery surfaces. This is why Santa is often seen with a red nose (the
sleigh doesn't have an airbag, either).

Q: Does Santa really work all year round making toys?
A: Get
real! Check the box in which the Christmas gift came! Does it say "Made
on the North Pole"? ("Made in China", more likely)

Q: Then what does he DO all year?
A: Uncertain. Chasing Elves and reindeer, most likely. Maybe he spends his winters in Florida.

Q: Is the story about the little angel and the Christmas tree true?
A: Without a doubt. Santa has a temper and can develop a nasty attitude (he doesn't take stress too well).

Q: If so, why do the little angels on Christmas trees look happy (given the fact they have a tree up theirs)?
A: Little angels are known to be kinky.

Q: Do the polar bears on the North Pole cause Santa any trouble?
A: Not since Santa equipped the guard Elves with M-61 submachine guns.


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