Zestawy do matury ustnej z angielskiego - nr2

Zestaw z opracowanymi pytaniami do matury ustnej z angielskiego - zestaw nr2


1. Jesteś w komisie telefonów Mobile.

  • -Poinformuj sprzedawcę że chcesz kupić telefon
  • -Dowiedz się o najatrakcyjniejszą ofertę cenową
  • -Dowiedz się o możliwości techniczne wybranego modelu


  • A. Good morning!
  • B. Good morning, how can I help you?
  • A. I am interested in buying a new mobile phone. I would also like to know if there are any promotions, allowing me to get relatively cheap monthly fee.
  • B. At the moment I can offer you our new monthly plan – you pay 20euro each month, and you get 50minutes free! As a bonus, you can get this nice Nokia 7210 for 10euro.
  • A. This phone looks really nice, could you tell me something about its technical features?
  • B. It has a really good camera, with 4x digital zoom, big screen, and a GPS. If you'd want to know my opinion – it is the best phone you could get for that price.
  • A. Ok, I will take it, thank you for your help.


2.Byłeś w restauracji. Opowiadasz komuś, zrelacjonuj.

  • -Co jadłeś
  • -Jaki był wystrój
  • -Jaka była obsługa


Hello, I've visited that new restaurant that they have opened 2 months ago on  our street. It is really nice in there. I've ordered a steak with salad, and a glass of red wine. The interior there is really beautiful, walls are ornamented, there are a lot of pretty paintings on the wall and climatic illumination. The people working there are also really nice – the waiter was very polite, same about the women in the reception. You should really go there with me some day.


3.Zaproponuj wyjście na spacer

  • -Nie przystawaj na argumenty rozmówcy
  • -Pójdź na kompromis ale pod jednym warunkiem


  • A. Hello, what would you say about going for a walk?
  • B. Sorry, I am too tired for that, I just came back from my football training.
  • A. That isn't a good excuse. You are a sportsman, so you should like physical exercises.
  • B. Well, as I said, I am way too tired to go anywhere. But you could come to my place instead.
  • A. Ok, but only, if we will go jogging tomorrow!
  • B. All right, see you!


Obrazek: Ojciec z córką malują ściany na fioletowo.

  • Pyt1. Jak sądzisz po co ojciec z córką malują ścianę?
  • Pyt2. Czemu ludzie remontują własne mieszkania? 

This picture shows a father and daughter painting the walls in their flat. They use violet paint. In my opinion, father and daughter are doing this together to strengthen their bonds. All of the everyday life tasks can be a good way to improve contacts with your family.

People often renew their houses, because it is much cheaper then buying new flat, moving out etc. Also, if they are doing this on their own, they can reduce the costs by a big amount.