Zestawy do matury ustnej z angielskiego - nr11



A) W mieście twojego kolegi jest zanieczyszczone powietrze spytaj go o:

  • Jaka jest przyczyna zanieczyszczenia,
  • Podaj jaka jest sytuacja w twoim mieście.


  • A. Hello, I've heard that there is huge air pollution in your city.
  • B. Yes, it is caused by all the factories emitting huge amounts of smoke to the atmosphere.
  • A. That doesn't sound very good. In my city, there aren't that much factories, and therefore the pollution isn't that big. I think that something should be done to reduce the air pollution in big cities, for example using some filters, etc.
  • B. Indeed, something should be done, and by that, quality of our lives will for sure be also much better.


b) Brałeś udział w teleturnieju. Opowiedz przyjacielowi:

  • Dlaczego się na to zdecydowałeś,
  • Co musiałeś zrobić,
  • Na co przeznaczysz pieniądze z wygranej.


  • A. I've heard that you took part in that TV quiz, why did you decide to do it?
  • B. I've needed some money, and I thought that this may be a nice and fun idea to get them.
  • A. What did you had to do?
  • B. Well, basically I needed a good, overall knowledge, to be able to answer all these difficult questions in time. Fortunately, I knew the answers to the question I got, and that helped me to win that nice prize of 1000 Euro.
  • A. Wow! That's really impressive. What are you going to do with these money?
  • B. I think I will spend them on new laptop, as the one I have is pretty old.
  • A. Sounds like a plan, good luck mate! See you.
  • B.  Thanks, bye.


C) Wybierasz się z przyjacielem do chińskiej restauracji.

  • Spytaj go o miejsce spotkania,
  • Nie zgódź się na jego rozwiązanie,
  • Znajdź kompromis.


  • A. Hey, are you still up to go to the new Chinese restaurant this evening?
  • B. Yes, sure. Where do you want to meet?
  • A. Come to my place at 18, and we will go there.
  • B. Sorry, it's a bit too far to go to you, and then go to the restaurant. But I have got an idea, I will get my parents car, and I will pick you up on the way there.
  • A. Sounds good, see you at 18 then!
  • B. See you!



Młody niepełnosprawny chłopak siedzący na wózku inwalidzkim robiący

eksperyment chemiczny w klasie.

  • 1. Jak sądzisz czy on lubi to co on robi??
  • 2. Czy ludziom niepełnosprawnym jest łatwiej teraz niż dawniej?

On this picture, we can see a young guy sitting in the wheel chair. He seems to be performing some kind of chemical experiment in class, during lessons of chemistry. In my opinion, he is enjoying what he's doing. Practical exercises are much more enjoyable for students, then listening to raw theory, and helps us to memorize things easier. I think, that life of handicapped people is easier nowadays, because of the better technology, such as new, electric wheelchairs etc. Unfortunately, these people are often victims of attacks from other people, who don't seem to understand their situation.