What's your worst and most favourite animal?

Hi, as I love animals I have a question for you guys. What is you favourite animal? I love dogs and delfins, but hate spiders. Which one you hate? Let's talk in English ;)


admin: dolphins not delfins! ;)

I love animals too ! And I

I love animals too ! And I can't belive also someone's afraid of rats ! There're so sweet and samart ! I had 4 rats and 2 cats and many fish... Now I have many fish, dog and hamster !

animals <33

I need to break in a bit because I love animals so much and I won't let this talking stop ;)
I agree with statment that rats are sweet.Personally I love them so much!
I am the owner of variety pets-2bird,2cats,2rats <3 and one german shepherd ;))
I love all of them, they are like my family and my best friends.
I respect people who don't like rats because everone is different and I for instance hate spiders and if somebody said 'Spiders are qute' I would never agree. But I didn't use to like rats and one spotanic resolution change my feelings. I got money from my familly and I just bought rats (2 rats cost 20zloty, cage-100 ;D )...
and I fell in love with them :)
They are very clever, inteligent, friedly and sometimes they behave like... dogs.
They are just amazing when they are travelling on my shoulder or walking cloe my feet on the grass ;)

Hi! I love animal! I have got

Hi! I love animal! I have got dog and cat..

Hi, I can belive that, nobody

Hi, I can belive that, nobody wrote about rats. I really love these animals. There are so smart and friendly. My last rat (Kropka) was nearly like a dog. She came always when I told her name and she always ran after me when I moved.

I just, can't belive why people are scared about that animals. I really enjoy to look for them when they are cleaning self each other or when they yawn. That's so so sweet to see the pink tongues. And of course I love them when they come to me to ask for some carres.

I love dogs, (I prefer then cats, but I like cats is well),horses and nearly every animal while is friendly and have a little bit animal's hairs.

I hate spiders too, and I don't like mugs. Some of birds made me sometimes scared and I don't like snakes, scorpiones etc.


I guess you mean you prefer

I guess you mean you prefer cats than dogs, yes? I have to say it is quite unusual, as people usually prefer dogs. As I mentioned before i just love dolphins (thanks for correcting me before, I was sure it should be delfin, but that is what happen if you write without the disctionary). Anyway, what do you people like in cats? I just cannot understand it.

I hate spiders and worms,

I hate spiders and worms, too. I love dogs. I have a dog and a rabbit. But if I could I would like to have one more dog ;)

I love all animals! :) ...

I love all animals! :) ... whitout spiders and horrible worms :> I have got a dog and two cats. I had much more of animals if I could. But my Mum says, that I can't because we've got to small house ;/

I hate dogs but cats I love

I hate dogs but cats I love than dogs

yeah, I hate spiders too.

yeah, I hate spiders too. I'm sick about it! Arachnofobia- it's the best answer ;/. The most I like cats ( I've got one) and... everthing what is sweet, small and has a fur. : )