What's your favourite holiday destination? Let's talk in English

I have seen before a topic about talking in English, so I think it is a good idea and I am just starting a new one. This time it's all about the holiday. If you have been to a nice place, just write about it. It will help you to expand your vocabulary, plus you may learn something about interesting places.

I dont really have the most favourite place, but I had an opportunity to fly to Gran Canaria, and although it was quite expensive, I have to say I had a great time. It was in March last year, and the weather was perfect. I came back to Poland so tanned ;)

the hotel was only 3 star, but it was really ok. The food was magnificent. It was simply delicious. There were plenty of Englishmen and of course they were eating only chips :) Mine best was duck. Really good.

The beach was black ;) It wasnt gold like in Poland, but then there were palms, so it was a nice difference.

I do recommend to go to Puerto Rico - lovely place.

Ok, it's your turn now to write something ;)

malinowyloczek wrote:For me

malinowyloczek wrote:
For me the most favourite place is Croatia. It's beautiful country. I like Croatia so much. There are rocky beach and sun beach. Also we can see incredible sea ;d And the weather is beautiful. Hot, warm and sea ;P

Ohh yes I totally agree I was going for holiday there lieke to at laest 6 times in a row. I love ereything about this country. People, tiny streets in town which are so beautiful when you are going along them during the night. And the sea... I am just speachless.

I would say Argentina is a

I would say Argentina is a wonderful country to visit. With its marvellous landscape it has a lot to offer. I really recommend visiting Patagonia, it's just incredible. I have to say that I would never regret travelling there, I had such a great time, and I love the food! Also I noticed argentinian people are always having fun. People are so passionate... I LOVE ARGENTINA...


i love milan because there is beautiful places


Well, I am not the advanced traveller. Actually, I had visited only one foreign country- Czech Republic. But the great holiday, we may spend also in Poland. Our country has got many marvellous and incredible places to visit. For teenagers, the best is the Baltic. Apart from sea, sand, beautiful sunset (and sunrise;p), they can take place in party in clubs.
Today, I think the best destination for me would be Croatia... I am going to reach it the next holiday.


Hi everyone!
It has always been my dream to go to England and I had an opportunity to go there last year. I visited some interesting places, made some photos and tried English food. I also met a lot of interesting people and I am still in touch with some of them.
But... in my opinion our country is the most beautiful place in the world! Especially "Kaszuby". There are many lakes, forests and cycle paths and so on. One of the popular tourist attraction is 'upside down house'.


Take care!

Hi everyone

The best place in the world is Croatia. I have been there once, but now I can say, that I will go back in next summer.


my favourite place for a holiday is morocco

Why do you think Danmark is

Why do you think Danmark is stupid? Could you explain?

So far the most beautiful country that I visited was England. And I mean it. I'm not interesed in coutries that are placed in the South (exept the European). I love Europe. Vienna, Budapest, Barcelona and the whole skandinavia are great (you should watch some documents about it or see some pictures), although I've never been to it, but I will.

Hi, If we talk about holiday


If we talk about holiday destinations I must say that my favourite place(because the only one abroad ;)) is Croatia where I was last summer.
There are amazing views such different to our Polish landscapes. I am not talking that Poland is unatractive but for me is to less egzotic ;)
In the Croatia you have warm sea and the mountains, historical places and beautiful world of plants and animals and what is the most important to me the SUN is shining there almost all the time.
I have a hope that I'll back some day to this beautiful country and I also have a dream to go to the Mexico. Maybe one day... :)

; D

I love China. I wasn't never there, although I would love to.
I love to do pictures so this why I wanted to go China.
But I hate Denmark, This's so stupid country !

holidays :D

Hi ;)
I've never been abroad ;)
I only visited many cities in Poland but not like a tourist ;/ (with my mother's business affairs)
But my mother has been to China (in Pekin and Shanghai) and he told me that China is so great!
Amazing! ;))
Has somebody ever been to China?
If yes what do you think about this country?

To be honest, I fall madly

To be honest, I fall madly in love with every country/island/place I saw.
Poland, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Croatia, Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey...
Every one of them is beautiful on the different way.
Sometimes we can't notice how Poland could be awesome, unique, marvellous etc. Our landscape are breathtaking, really.
But I think in every country is similarly.

Travelling broaden the mind - it doesn't matter where we go - to the end of the world (^^) or the other side of street:)

So, in next year my holiday destination will be something new which I would discovered and safe in my memory.

I love be in Tunisia . It is

I love be in Tunisia . It is beautiful country.

I love our country, too. For

I love our country, too. For me the best is Ojcowski National Park, but I haven't seen everything, so maybe I will change my mind ;)

in my point of thinking the

in my point of thinking the best place is Poland.
it is not important which part of the country you will choose whereever is so beautifully
i am sill under the impression t
hat everybody are writing about board, and nobody writes about our country, doesn;t it?
best regards

Hello I was on Dominican

I was on Dominican Republic last year. It was my honeymoon. I spent wonderful time with my husband. We was sighstseeing a lot during our journey e.g. manati park (I swam with dolphins ). We chose very good hotel by Bavaro beach on Punta Cana, I recommend it. Whole resort commons 4 hotels and many reastaurants. Food was delicious, I've never eaten it before. Sea wave was amazing, plenty of palms, white sand and always blue sky... If I hadn't known that it was Dominican Island, I would have thought that I was in paradise. Unfortunately 2 weeks go by veeeery fast but remaining memoirs in my head and heart for all life...

If someone planning travel in this place I gladly afford any information.

And one more thing... I'm sorry for my english, if you don't understand me or I writting really bed you can correct me. I will very appreciate it.

regards, chamster

For me the most favourite

For me the most favourite place is Croatia. It's beautiful country. I like Croatia so much. There are rocky beach and sun beach. Also we can see incredible sea ;d And the weather is beautiful. Hot, warm and sea ;P