Sprawdzenie zadania domowego

Witam, dostałem zadanie domowe, w którym mam napisać w sześciu zdaniach, dlaczego nie powinienem się spóźniać na lekcję? Dodam także, iż początek nawiązuje do moich innych zadań, w których nie szczędziłem wulgaryzmów w stronę nauczycieli czy innych osób postronnych.

So, now I can get extra homework for being late? Nice.
No, this time my homework won't be full of shit, fuck, etc., will be nicer. So, here we go.
Why shouldn't I be late for class? First of all the teacher usually gives a fuck when they start teaching; and then after constant interruptions throughout the lesson from these tardy students, they have the balls to ask: ‘could you say that again?’ I know you're upset when I'm coming late, you're probably thinking 'where the hell have you been, you moron?!' You always repeat that I can lose a lot of usefull things, yeah, yeah, I know you're right as always. I don't care if I have six or hundred sentences, I just wanted to say that I'm lazy shit and I'm no better or different than the students who actually bothered to come on time. I'm sorry.