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sprawdzenie tekstu

dopiero co się zarejestrowałem a już do was z prośbę. Trochę nie ładnie , ale moze kiedyś piwo postawie (:

taka prośba. Mam tekst do napisania. Coś tam namazgrałem a teraz prosiłbym o sprawdzenie błędów:

Temat: Jak wyobrażasz sobie przyszłość?

In my opinion the future come more change, which will make life easier for people around the world. Above all, follows progress in the field of communication and exchange of information. Peple will be able to inject the chips allowing instant access to information on the Internet and wireless contact with other people. Thanks to the emergence of these, each man will be able to focus their attention heading to the knowledge that it interested him most and deepen. Such a solution will lead to the same driving the development of any field of science. The end of the study subjects that you are not interested.
There is progress in every area of knowledge including medicine. Every man, in the chipowi will be able to connect to the server and make a full medical diagnosis without a medical doctor visits. Will be improving and extending the life of the state.
However, most progress will be in research and exploitation of space. due to population growth and shrinking inventories of raw materials on Earth humanity will have to look for new space. As always in history. People begin to colonize and exploit the resources of the solar system. Rise of raw materials in the mines and the asteroid belt and processing factories in orbit Earth. Enjoy the greatest popular will, however, Mars, which has a chance in the future become a second Earth.
Would only taught humanity to cooperate.