Sprawdzenie pracy,

Dear Sir/Madame
I am writing in connection with your job advert for Student Hospitality Programme in Spain which appeared in the latest edition edition of Gap Year Earners. I am interested in working as an aerobic instructor.
I am an eighteen-year-old Polish student and I am I second class at II. High School. I am due to start a sport science degree at School of Physical Education in 2016. Meanwhile, however, I want to combine traveling with gaining work experience, so I believe I am well suited for this position.
I thing that I am a strong candidate for job aerobic instructor. For the last four year I have done a lot of sport courses: personal trainer, aerobic and Zumba instructor. In that time I have passed pedagogical course so I can work with people of all ages.
Apart from this, I am mature, easy-going and charismatic. On the pedagogical course I have learnt how to motivate and encourage people. I am acquainted with a lot of sport style and I want to devolve my abilities to others people, with great enthusiasm, of course. I am also extremely interested in sport disciplines and it was my childhood dream to be an aerobic instructor, because my mother was sending me on dance lessons and from these early experiences as a child I learned to love sport. I consider myself to be adaptable and able to conform individual exercise to everybody.
I would be wondering attend an interviews at your earliest convenience.
I attach my CV along with the names of two references.
Yours faithfully,