Sprawdzenie listu nieformalnego: gramatyka, słownictwo, styl.

Hi there.
I'm so sorry, that I haven't write to you since last Wednesday but I got a cold and I just lied in my bed whole week. It was such a nightmare. I was coughing all night long and then I tried to sleep at the day, but I can't because my brother was singing his favourite's band song. But I'm well now and I'm planning to go abroad, but I haven't got any idea where. Any ideas? I was considering London and Prague, but I think that London's gonna be more interesting and fun. I promise you to get some nice souvenirs like tiny Tower Bridge. Anyway our friend Grześ told me that you had a history exam. How were your results? If they're gonna be good or even exellent will you gonna be someone like archeologist or someone connected with history? It would be great, wouldn't it? And I've got a problem. I don't know where I wanna go to grammar school. I'm interested in school subjects like art and foreign languages but I know that there'll be so hard to find a good job. What do you think I should do: study something that I like or something that I hate and then I would easily find a job?
Write me back soon,
with love