Today world is completely captured by the technological development. Situation like this undeniably leads to very violent and serious changes. Everything happens so quickly that an ordinary man has no influence on it.
First of all, it must be emphasized that reading is a totally individual issue. In fact, this choice belongs to the interested person. Generally, the majority of well-educated people like to read. It does not matter what it is, the poetry or just some articles in the newspapers.
Unfortunately, there are some more arguments deffering from the previous one. In spite of the incontrovertible fact there are benefits which are given to people because of reading, gradually television steals it's thunder. Probably books will be wholly replaced with tv sets in the future. This phenomenon can cause tragic consequences.
What is more, the negative results of this occurence can disturb in everyday life. With the technological development human beings will get lazier and lazier. What is the most terrifying people can finally forget about the most important values like their culture and traditions.
To take everything into account, people should find a ballance between normal activities and technological innovations. Furthermore, it must be a matter of unbeatable importance for them to rescue their own culture from oblivion. Their aim should be to not allow to regress of society.