Prosze o sprawdzenie tekstu-pilne

Prosiłabym o sprawdzenie ponirzszego tekstu czy jest poprawnie napisany....



On 3rd April took place Day of Enterprise in my school. In this day interested pupils participated in training, which they themself arranged.
I was one of interested students. I with Ann and Caroline want to take training in the theatre. Before the Day of Enterprise, we went to the theatre, nevertheless employees refused us. In radio statoin also refused us. Well, we went to the kindergarten. There director heard us out and took on us.
In The Day of Enterprise, we went to kindergarten instread of school. Mrs director-Lucyna P. was very friendly for us. There we have got familiar clerical work, as we segregated documents. Moreover, we also acquired experience in looking after children, becouse we read them fairy tale, played with them, helped them in eating and prepared them for sleeping.
Knot children, which we looked after with teacher, was likeable and polite. Children were receptive and talkative. They told us different things, sang us song and showed us their toys. We spent time nice.
This event informed me that looking after children is difficult. It seems me that in the future I won't become teacher in kindergarten. This job is too responsible.


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