proszę o sprawdzenie

Proszę o sprawdzenie :))

Dear sue !
I'm sorry I haven't written to you for such a long time. How are you?
I writing to you because last I saw interesting the film. I would like talk you about this film.
“Frida" directed by Julie Taymor. The film about artist Frida Kahlo (Salma Hayek) whose husband was artist Diego Rivera (Alfred Molina). Frida - as a painting student stars meeting the great muralist. She knows that he is the man for him. Then she is almost mortally injured in tolley crash. That shatter one's back and pierces her body a steel rod. Frida was able to overcome pain with art and imagination. Due to it lives.
I thing this film is extraordinary. This is highly recommended.
I hope you all the best and we will meet soon.