proszę o pomoc w przetłumaczeniu paru zdań : )

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proszę o pomoc w przetłumaczeniu paru zdań : )

Są dosyć trudne i mogą być wyrwane z kontekstu, ale jeżeli ktoś może pomóc to bardzo proszę. Smile

- Some spare shred of humanity, if properly ignited, might fuel something that could cause the boy to snap.
- So go ahead and ask. You've got me captive-audience, so you might as well. What have you got to lose, remember?
Chodzi mi najbardziej o to drugie zdanie.
- That is, unless you really are trying to kill me, which I wouldn't put past you.
- They does not gain influence by my word alone.
- If his silent vigil was disrupted, his last grasp on sanity would disappear, and that was just about all he had left.
- Turning traitor to the Lord was not the best way to keep one's head about him. Or attached to him.
- Howard, the Lord is aware of your skills in the Art of Potions. Quite beyond your years, when you can be bothered to invest the effort.
- Looks like you get to do me in, after all.
- This just wouldn't do. Getting carried away right now wouldn't help him, especially as it seemed like nothing could.
- Suited as the spell might be, however, it also seemed more and more like some sort of sick joke.
Nie rozumiem co może znaczyć w tym zdaniu "suited as"
- Searching, using every resource at their disposal, and worrying out of their minds, he was sure, for all the good- it would do.
- where would he start? And to what end?
- I can not have a servant who is so weak as to nurse a debt such as that.

Z góry dzięki : )