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I live in the flat,which is close the city centre.Next to the flat is beatiful a lake.There are no shops in this street ,but is a scholl.I have got in the flat, two sitting rooms,one small a corridor and a bathroom. I live with my life partner and two sons.Older,Conrad are teen years old,Hubert are tonges has eight monts.My flat is a little but a cool.In first a sitting room is stand a sofa is big and leather.Next to the is (couch)(łóżeczko dziecinne).In front of is standing modern a furnitures,is a black.Next to the brown Tv cabinet stand a silver Tv set and srereo system,wideo casette recorder,compact disc player.On the floor is leyning brown a rug on witch stand big wooden a table and six chairs.On table is laying silk a tablecloth,and in the rase is a roses. It big a sitting room and have a big window, on the window is are hanging lece curtains.Hall is small there (w rogu) there is a wardrobe olive,next to the is an chest of drawers for shoes.Opposite a hall is a bathroom.In the bathroom is white bath and wahbasin and toilet. By is stand a washing machine.Over the wahbasin is small a shelf on the cosmetucs and mirror.In the hall also is a mirror only is a big.Second a room is small. There is corner sette (oraz) white wallunit.In a wardrobe this is clothings and in the shelf is a books and trinkets.Close a window a stand desk and computer.Next to the corner a sette layning a runner on the floor ,and on the wall is wisit clock and a posters.In the kitchen is beige a sideboard oposite sink and freezer klass A. My favorite room is big a sitting room and evenings is room rest in the which watch TV.It coisy flat,but want live in the bungalow,beacause here aren,t garden.

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I live in a flat which is situated close to the city centre. Next to the flat there is a beautiful lake. There are no shops on my street, only one school. My flat has two sitting rooms, a small corridor and one bathroom. I live there with my spouse and my two sons. My older son Conrad is a teenager, whereas Hubert is only eight months old. My flat is very cosy. In a sitting room stands a big leather sofa with a crib next to it. In front of the sofa there is a black modern furniture. Next to the brown cabinet, stands a silver TV set and a stereo system as well as video recorder and compact disc player. A brown rug lies on the floor on which stand a big wooden table with six chairs. On the table there is a silken tablecloth and a vase with roses in it. In a sitting room there is a big window.........a dalej mi się już nie chce Mam nadzieje ze sie przyda, i że ktoś na forum też Ci pomoże