pomoc w przetłumaczeniu kilku zdań

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pomoc w przetłumaczeniu kilku zdań

Proszę o pomoc w przetłumaczeniu kilku zdań. Tłumaczę sobie część książki, jednak tych parę zdań nie potrafię precyzyjnie przetłumaczyć, aby pokrywały się z całością. Są to zdania wyjęte z kontekstu z różnych części książki. Za pomoc będę bardzo wdzięczna.

Why put something so young on guard duty unless there was no one you were truly guarding it against except humans?

I was beginning to wonder if I was potentially cleaning house so Macaire could move in. To my knowledge, the Elder preferred to linger in Rome, never traveling too far from the coven seat in Venice.

I was already growing weary of this trio, but then I was just another spoiled nightwalker long used to getting her way.

This nonsense from a creature that seemed to chomp at the bit every time I tried to restrain him from killing a nightwalker?

Satisfied with that arrangement, which shocked me more than I cared to think about, Danaus raised his hand toward the nightwalker I had indicated

He released a bloodcurdling scream as he dropped to his knees and plunged both arms into the calf-deep snow, trying to cool the heat that was steadily building within his body, but it wasn’t enough.

My translation was close enough because he grabbed the door handle and jerked the old, heavy door open before darting inside in a blur of movement.

Frowning, I led the way across the room, weaving my way between the naked bodies.

When we were standing before Odelia, the nightwalker languidly rolled onto her back and propped her head up on her hand while resting her elbow on the back of the raised side of the divan. The nightwalker from the front door backpedaled, quietly edging away from our group. Fear still filled his eyes, making him more than a little wary of us. I preferred it that way.

The heat in the bath was stifling, but I kept telling myself that we wouldn’t be there too long. I could suffer through it.

It was a position that didn’t just demand respect, it screamed for it even as it killed you.

“Who is taking care of the naturi?” Valerio inquired, slipping graciously into Hungarian. Odelia turned her gaze on the oh so sauve nightwalker and smiled coyly up at him. I thought I was going to be sick.