Opis wymarzonej szkoły kilka zdań do sprawdzenia

My ideal school is in New York near to the Manhattan.
It's a boarding school for boys and girls.
The school is from Monday to Thursday .
There are not uniforms, so you can wear whatever you want .
Students do not have to walk to the school, but they have to pass an exams and do a projects.
School is equipped in laboratory where you can do an experiments.
In front of the school there is a playground. There you can play football , volleybal and handball.
Next to the playground there is a tennis court . You can learn play tennis with the best tenis player Mr. Rafael Nadal
In computer room are computers for all students.
There are 234 classes .
In one class there is 30 pupils.
During lunch you can eat in canteen the best food in the world, because Mr. Ramsey is the kitchen master.
On the break in common room you can watch newest films with your friends .
In this school is a lot of clubs where you can develop skills, e.g. biology club and math club .
There are sightseeing trips abroad , for example to Greece or Spain .
Homeworks are extra and pupils do not have to do it.

Jeśli maciee jakies inne propozycjee to proszę pisać , i nie wiem czy w niektorych zdaniach napisalam dobrzee że zamias there is napisalam there are . Albo przedrostki a , an , i the .

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