Nie rozumiem tekstu

1st: open the CE and GRID_2.exe

2nd: in scan options check the scan type as 'uknown initial value'

3rd: enter a race and just finish .If the graph grows at the end of a race change scan type to'increased value' or if the graph remains at same position at the end of a race just change the option to 'unchanged value'. Follow those steps untill CE finds only 100 - 150 adresses.

4th: then hit an adress and then Ctrl+A to choose all , copy them to adress list hit an adress again and after hit Ctrl+A to choose all right click the bordest one and select change value to change them to 150000 for 30 LVL.

5th: go to GRID 2 and select an upgrade to refresh statics at server then hit save just in case .

6th AND LAST :Restart game and VOILA !!! 30 LEVEL !!! Wink


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