Listening do FCE - kilka przykładowych nagrań do pobrania

Listening do FCE - kilka przykładowych nagrań do pobrania


Four Lebanese people talk about their country.


Alcohol abuse

A report on binge drinking in the UK.


Social mobility

A report on social mobility in India.


Report writing

Listen to an IELTS examiner give tips on writing reports.



Listen to a discussion about why allergies are on the increase.


The gas industry

Listen to a business news report about the gas industry.


The rise of the amateur

Listen to an interview with a successful internet entrepreneur entrepreneur.



Listen to an interview about avoiding being robbed.


Film festivals

Listen to an interview with a film festival organiser.


Financial management

Listen to the radio interview with Richard Manors, a chief financial officer, about financial management.


Finding information

Listen to this extract from a phonein radio show about finding information on the Internet.


The Oil Industry

Listen to a radio news report about the future demand for energy.


Fair trade

Listen to a market researcher asking shoppers about Fair Trade products.


Studying in the UK

Listen to three students talking about studying at university in the UK.



Listen to people talking about their jobs in a logistics company.


Lovelock on nuclear energy

Listen to people commenting on James Lovelock's opinion that nuclear power is the only green solution


The music business

A discussion about recent changes in the music industry.



Listen to a business studies lecturer talking about the history of outsourcing in the United States.


Understanding competitors

Two people discuss understanding competitors in the context of a marketing plan.

Study diaries

An English language student is talking to his tutor about using study diaries.


Public relations

A public relations account executive talks about how she got into the area of public relations and about her job..


Organisational culture

A man from EDC, a French electricity company, talks about the values held by his company and the effect these values have on workers and customers.


Indian Pop

An Indian DJ and tabla player talks about his music.


Market research

Listen to a market research consultant being interviewed about her job.


Learner contracts

Listen to a student talking to his teacher about his studies and how he can use a learner contract.


Genetic counselling

Genetic counselling in the year 2014.


Turkey in the EU

Two young people discuss the advantages and disadvantages for Turkey of joining the EU.


Managing diversity

A business management expert talks about the price that some companies have to pay when they fail to address diversity-related risks.


Currency Exchange

Rachel, who runs a small business, talks to her business account manager.


Buying property

A couple talk about buying a house.



Listen to two pipers being interviewed at a music festival.


The airbus

Listen to part of a talk on the airbus.


Finding tourist accommodation

A conversation between a travel agent and some tourists who are looking for somewhere to stay.


The future of English

Listen to the controversial Linguistics expert Professor McKenzie talking about the future of the English language.


Creativity in the workplace

Listen to part of a radio programme about developing creative partnerships.


Cinema and politics

Listen to part of a lecture on cinema and politics.


How to treat staff

Listen to a management training leader give a talk on how to treat staff.



Three people talk about the use they made of their microcredits.


Spotlight on the Welsh language

Do you know anything about the Welsh language? A university professor gives an overview.


Effective websites

A dialogue between an expert; in search engine optimisation and her client on improving his website.

Global workers

Listen to a talk about Global Workforce >Development.


A tourist information office

Listen to a conversation between a tourist information office assistant and a tourist.


Lifelong learning

Listen to a radio advert where learners talk about their experiences keeping up-to-date in their learning.


Focus on the e-economy

An extract from a lecture about the characteristics of successful e-commerce.


Climate change

A radio talk about causes and effects of climate change.



How can big cities deal with the problem of"> transport??


Cultural Heritage

A young archaeologist describes a dig that she worked on.


Solar energy

Listen to this excerpt from a radio broadcast on solar cooking technology.