List do studentów z Nowego Jorku

Witam Państwa !
Chciałbym prosić o sprawdzenie ponizszego listu skierowanego do studentów z Nowego Jorku. Będę ogromnie wdzieczny za pomoc i uwagi. Pozdrawiam

Dear Dental Students of the Columbia University in the City of New York !
As a representative group of dental students from Poland, I am extremely excited perspective of cooperation between our centers . I'm sure, it will be a great way to exchange clinical experiences , treatments and approach to the patient in two different corners of the world. It is inspiring !
At the outset, let me introduce you to Dentistry in our country.
Candidate for dental studies must get the best scores of high school final examinations of the subjects: biology , chemistry and physics.
Dentistry is a part of medical direction at the Medical Universities in the biggest Polish cities .
In addition to medicine and law is the most prestigious studies in our country. The Dental Studies last 5 years. A graduate of the University proceeds postgraduate medical education ended The Nationwide Dental Exam. All graduates of dentistry meet twice a year in one city and write a test consisting of 200 questions . After successfully passing this exam , they receive the title of Dentist.
After successfully passing the state exam , they receive the title of dentistry .
The study program is divided into two groups:
I group – the medical science subjects ( for example): chemistry, biology, biophysics , human anatomy , human physiology , pharmacology , pediatrics , ophthalmology , clinical psychology , infectious diseases and internal , public health, first aid , neurology and radiology , etc.
II group - the basic dental science subjects : conservative dentistry and endodontics , prosthodontics , orthodontics , oral and maxillofacial surgery , periodontics , oral microbiology , pediatric dentistry and dental prophylaxis .
The scope of the material in the first two years of study is similar to medicine. In the second year of study is taught preclinical phantoms . From three years of study, students see patients within individual subjects dental . For each subject the student must develop standard procedures , which allows you to continue learning. Items strictly dental exams end oral , and practical test at the end of the fifth year of study.
After graduation, the dentist can apply for a specialization in an area that fascinated him most . The condition is the best state examination score and the possession of scientific publications.
During the study , students can develop their knowledge in numerous scientific societies operating at the individual plants . Under the supervision of assistant have the ability to write scientific papers and presenting at national and international conferences Scientific Societies . Medical centers in Poland are organizing Conferences, where the main language is English.
The best students receive scholarships from the university for academic performance .
Very well developed is the system of international exchange between the centers in Poland and abroad . Every student of dentistry in the various EU projects (Erasmus , Scope ) has the opportunity to study abroad in the State involved in the exchange project . The student has provided funds for maintenance from the University and the program of the EU. It is an irreplaceable way to meet your future profession from a different perspective .
At the Colleges of medical students studying the English-speaking countries such as Norway , Sweden , Turkey , etc. . Your choice explain the high level of education, technical support and a very good standard of life for less money .
An organization of students of dentistry in Poland is PTSS . It is the authority with global companies in the dental industry in terms of workshops, symposia and lectures organized at various universities . Students belonging to this organization have access to the most modern knowledge and techniques from the world of dentistry. PTSS is part of IADs .
Each Medical University has a library with access to the latest scientific base . This allows students to create work using the scientific world database that best dental journals .
However, college is not just science . For medical Colleges in Poland, there are Academic Sports Tax consultants which include students of various universities . Within these organizations , students can enjoy their favorite sports discipline and compete in national competitions of all universities in the country in athletics , football nets, basketball etc. .
Moreover, the best years of his life in the homes of students experiencing a student at the university, where in addition science fair organizing the best events which the world has not seen !
Each academic center has a sizeable database of student clubs where the students to integrate and play until dawn !
I am very nice to invite you to the only elite dental school which was founded in Poland - College of Dental Medicine Clinic Duda .
College brings together the best students of dentistry in Poland and has facilities with cutting-edge clinical and scientific base - teaching .
College is part of the clinic , which is located in the beautiful city of Katowice ( near Krakow ) .
I hope that soon we will meet . I assure you that in Poland you will not miss anything and feel instantly at home .
We look forward to seeing you here !