Krotkie wypracowanie- sprawdzenie bledow

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Krotkie wypracowanie- sprawdzenie bledow

Witam, chciałabym prosić o poprawienie błędów w wypracowaniu. Z góry dziękuję.

Anna and Patrick were the happiest marriage. They live in the small town of England. They were casual couple with many plans, who dreamt to have well-paid job and the large house with garden.
One time, Patrick wanted to suprise his wife and he was organizing romantic supper at sunset. When she was finishing wonder, under her office drove a taxi. Anna got a text message: „Taxi is waiting for you. Driver knows, where he must drive”. She was very surprised and ezcited. Going out from office, she glanced in the mirror and corrected her make- up. Afterwards she got into the taxi. After 20 minutes, she was in desirable place. The sun was setting and mild wind made the weather perfect, however she was concerned that Patrick is absent and the beach was emptily. Anna looked to the right and noticed a blanket, champagne and glasses. She didn't know what happened but still she was waiting for her darling.
Suddenly her phone was started to jingle. She received a call and she was terrified. Patrick had heart attack and he died. She put down the phone and began to cry.