The camera was honest first reality TV programs. It came out in 1948 . People called it "the grandaddy of reality show ", because it affects so many other shows. The creators of the hidden cameras and played jokes on members of the public . Some people do not like the idea of secret filming ! Shortly after, talent shows became popular. The first was Ted Mack and the Original Amateur Hour. Asked people for a concert. They were not professional. They sang , danced and told jokes . It was a success , and soon there were more shows to compete in the 1954 U.S. audience.In TV Channel broadcast the first Miss America contest Talend . Winner zostałobywatelem celebrity and everyone understood that appearing in television byłświetny way to become famous. Seven up ! British program . He left in 1964. It was part of the reality show , part documentary . The developers have chosen a 1,207 -year-olds . They asked the children questions and filmed them doing everyday things . Every seven years, they went to see the same people and announced changes in their lives. In 1989, cops series becamean instant success in the U.S.. Series followed a group of police officers doing their job . It was exciting for the audience to see things that are not seen in their normal lives. Big Brother in 1999 appeared - first in Holland and then in countries around the world. creators had no idea about its future success. Is there a version?