Krótka wypowiedź

Witam, mam do zrobienia taką krótką wypowiedź z wadami i zaletami gier komputerowych. Byłabym wdzięczna za sprawdzenie:)

"More than 10 (ten) millions people play in World of Warcraft nowadays. The creators of Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 earned over 1 (one) billion dollars. Producers must expend about a few million dollars and something to advertising in order to release a good computer game.
At present computer games are a huge business which is comparing to productions of Hollywood.
I would like to tell you about advantages and disadvantages of computer games, which became a part of our lifes. How do they influence to people? Why they are so popular? I try to answer this questions.
Some of computer games increase perceptiveness, reflex and imagination. Adventure games enlarge skill of logical thinking, strategic games teach skill of strategic thinking, simulative games teach reflex.
On the other hand, computer games are making addicted. That kind of person likes to be in its own, closed room. He or she can’t do anything else except playing computer games. When he or she doesn’t play then feels lonely and is overcome by despair.
Many computer games increase knowledge through entertainment. Games are teaching independence and how to cope in new situations. If you make a mistake in a game and your character die or lose its chance for a good ending, you can always try again until you make it.
A disadvantage of computer games is that they cause aggression. People, who are playing in computer games too much, has many problems with starting conversations with other people and making friendships. They can’t behave in society.
To sum up, are the computer games good or bad? This is difficult question to answer. Computer games are great entertainment, which are teaching us too. On the other hand we can easily addicted and close from the world. The real world is much more beautiful than virtual world.
I personally think that we should good manage time and separate fiction and reality. I think that if we are careful, computer games become to us pleasure, but not unfortunate.
Thanks for listening!"