Hi ;)

Hallo everyone ;)
My name is Kasia and I'm crazy about English... ;D
I love speaking and language doesn't even matter ;p
so I am quite talkative but being ashamed sometimes ;)
Hmm...and I'm very glad I found this website !such a nice website ;)
If you like speaking like me, come on, let's talk in English!
All the best for You ^^

Hey!! How are you after


How are you after Christmas and in new Year??

I wish you Mary Christmas and

I wish you Mary Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!!

See you soon!! :-)

We cen together learn

We cen together learn English! :)

I wish you Mary Christmas and Happy New Year 2010!!

Good way to learn, I am a bit

Good way to learn, I am a bit lazy and I use dictionary seldom which is mistake ;/
I need to change it because then I don't have possibility to learn new words.
I speak a lot but...with the same person and I feel as if she uses not enough synonims (repeats many words instead of telling me some new ones which mean the same)So I need to speak with more people to vary my language ;D
I have FCE book which is very nice but like I said I am lazy so for me it would be great to have somebody to learn together (by myself it even makes me bored when I have to do so many vocabulary exercises...)
Thaks for advise, you realise me that I write...rare(should it be here 'rare' or 'rarly'? because I never know it,it's my big weakness ;( )
So I think I am going to write some story now.. using dictionary for sure ;)
Thanks ;)

Hi, just a small clue about

Hi, just a small clue about learning English. You say you do not know how to improve it. You know what I do? First of all, I read a lot in English, then I try to write in English. But I always use dictionary. Just to make sure I am not making mistakes. Then after a few days I go back to what I have written and read it again. I can tell there is almost always a mistake I can spot. So I correct it.

If you want to learn for FCE, it is a good idea to do it with someone. Just double check everything is right - you do not want to learn somebody's else mistakes ;)

And remember, FCE is not difficult, but it requires you to do a lot of exercises ;(

Yeach, you thought well

Yeach, you thought well ;)
It's my dream to be a vet!
And I aim at being a vet.Dreams are great! By the way I'm going to have Chinese tattoo which means 'the dreamer catcher' or 'pursue to dreams'so I am a trurly dremer ;D
I go to VII LO in Toruń ;p
Odd school... ;D
I have simillary feeling sometimes-that my English which I use is easy and I don't know how to improve it more (apart from learning words of course) and I think it's good to speak/write, even about easy, simple subjects ;)everyone starts like that ;D
And never give up, language is not sometinhg which you can learn quickly or immediately-it needs time to practise itp. :)
Maybe we can learn together something to FCE?
Are you from Toruń too?
all the best ;)

I'm 19 years old. yes.. I

I'm 19 years old.
yes.. I have pets.. I have dog and cat.
so.. would you like to be a vet if you like biology??
where do you go to school?
I go to Technikum Hotelarskie ;-) and finally it is my last year ;-D
I would like very much have FCE.. but I don't know.
Sometimes I think what I can't English.. this things what we write are simple.. what do you think?
hehe.. yes I like very travelling.. but stewardess is only dream.

see you! :)


Oh Gosh English is my big big hobby too ;D !
Stewadess seems to be great job, isn't it? So you like travelling, don't you?
Yeach I have book with FCE exercises but personally I would like to have CAE which is a bit more difficult but useful too ;p
Sure I understand you ^^
I'm interested in...animals.I have many pets at home, I love taking care of them. And I obviously love Biology which is associated with animals ;)
I'm 17 years old and you?
Do you have some pets?
PS understand is a kind of feelings so I would use 'do you understand me' anyway if you really want to use continous present(I have problems how to write it all the time)'are you understanding me' matches ;)

Yes of course I like very

Yes of course I like very much English and this is my big hobby..
in the future I would like to be a stewardess... :-)
Yesterday I read about FCE and I would like to have this certifikate.. do you know FCE?

are you understand me? :-)

and what are you interested in?? how old are you?? :-)

nice to meet you ;))

Sure! ;)
I feel not good enought to correct you, but OK if I saw some mistakes I would tell you ;)
So I suppose you like English, don't you?
Comunication is good way to learn ^^
so... Do you have some hobbies? Could you tell me something about them?

HI!! :D My name is Martyna I

HI!! :D

My name is Martyna
I like very much English but I can't so good write
Can you speak with me??
If I make mistake please corect me! :)

mistake ;D

'I am being shy' fits more ;)
why do I always correct myself after saving that? ;D
;) what a shame.. ;D
it happens, isn't it?