Czy tekst jest poprawny?

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Czy tekst jest poprawny?

Prosiłabym o wytknięcie ewentualnych błędów. ;)

Hello Mike,
It was a nice suprise to hear from you again after so many months.
I'm writing to let you know about my favorite sport. I just love dance. Maybe you want to say "Dance is not a sport", but if you think so, you're wrong.
It is a sport because it is very hard. It takes a long time to develop the skills for dance. Sports require pushing your physical body to reach it’s maximum performance level. Just as body-builders must exercise and prepare their bodies, dancers must also. It is more tiring and exhausting like other sports.
Ever since I was a little girl dance has always been my favorite sport. I started dance when I was eight. My mum took me to local dance school. I loved it right away. After many years, I still continue learn to dance. I have four hours of training a week.
I think, I will be dancer to to the last day of my life.
Now, Tell me something about yourself. What do you do in your free time?
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Take care,