Czy ktoś mógłby sprawdzić mój tekst?

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Czy ktoś mógłby sprawdzić mój tekst?

Mam do zrobienia prezentację na angielski. Napisałam tekst, korzystałam ze słownika, no ale z tłumacza czasmai też, bo niestety ten język nie jest moją mocną stroną :(
Poniżej wklejam tekst

I have prepared a presentation on my favorite author - Stephen king. To begin, I will present a brief biography of the author, and then talk about a few of his books that I had the opportunity to read.

Stephen king is one of the most prominent writers of our time. He was born September 21, 1947 in Portland, Maine, the son of Nellie Pillsbury king " and Donald king. He wrote a huge number of horror films and thrillers. On the basis of his novels and short stories had many high-profile films like "the Shining”, „misery”, „The Shawshank Redemption” „carrie”, The green mile”. he has created some great scripts for horror films such as "Red rose”, „kingdom hospital”, „pet sematary”.As an actor starred in several films, playing supporting roles. He is a musician in a rock band "Rock Bottom Remaindners" and an ardent baseball fan. He Leads also two private radio stations, sports WZON-AM, WKIT music-FM. He still writes and on the basis of his works there are new movies.

The master of horror
Stephen king called the Master of horror, although this is only one of many literary genres used in it. His books have been translated into 33 different languages and published in 35 different countries. Each of them immediately after the release hits the top of bestseller lists. Film production company fighting over their right of adaptation, before will be completed. So far Stephen king has written over 40 novels and even more short stories, and in publications there are more than 300 million copies..

Name: „Carrie”
Year of manufacture: 1974
Description: this is the story of ugly, lost girlfriend, Carrie White,which is rejected and ridiculed by the community school, and her mother religious fanatic, which tries to protect the daughter from sin. Carrie has the gift of telekinesis, with which one day, during school ball, decides to take reveng persecutor.
My opinion: This is the first novel king published by a serious publisher. I thought that such a young author can't write so good book(early career). I was wrong. The book is written in an interesting and with idea. It is short, that some might think that it is not enough developed, but nothing of her was missing. It may be the best in my opinion of king's books not necessary (of course, one of those that I read), but certainly very good and commendable.

Name: Salem's Lot
Year of manufacture: 1975
Description: In some small American town (king love small American towns) there are some mysterious, disturbing things. Gradually disappearing without a trace, the residents of the city - the elderly, women, men, children. No one knows what's going on. However, the mystery is trying to solve a few brave souls headed little boy.

My opinion: The book is intriguing and full of mystery. King holds a great climate brilliant and very well written story. Well what can I add - this is one of the best books I have read. I recommend to everyone, because it's a piece of good reading.

Name: The Shining
Year of manufacture: 1977
Description: Jack TORRANCE takes his wife and five year old son Danny for the winter in a mountain hotel, where he will work as a janitor. Due to disconnect from the world at in the winter time, it is impossible its normal functioning. Soon the family will be at the hotel alone, and soon Danny endowed telepatic abilities, discovers that the hotel is inhabited by ghosts, evil spirits and slowly drives his dad insane. The situation is getting worse, until one day Jack can't control himself...
My opinion: On the basis of this book was created by the film. The film is pretty good. I confess that when I read this book, the story was partly known to me, because I was watching its adaptation. Maybe spoiled is the impression I was under after this book, however, despite this, I read it with interest, uncertainty, emotion. This novel evokes emotions and keeps in suspense. It is also near the "Town of Salem", one of the best, in my opinion, novels are king.

Name: „Doctor sleep”
Year of manufacture: 2013
Description:A sequel to „The shining”.Concerned residents of the hotel Panorama, in which the child spent one terrible winter, Dan for decades, wandering around America, trying to throw off inherited from his father a burden of despair, alcoholism and violence. When Dan met the ephemeral Abra Stone, her extraordinary gift awakens dormant demons in her and tells him to stand in the battle for her soul and survival.
My opinion: When I learned that, like, a sequel to the Shining, I thought it will not work. Why go back to history, which, it seemed, was over. Exactly, only it seemed. "Doctor sleep" seamlessly goes from one story to another, dark story that draws the reader from the first pages. I couldn't put it down.

Name: „Christine”
Year of manufacture: 1983
Description:Seventeen-year-old Arnie Cunningham fell in love with a car, not paying attention to the warnings of his family, his girlfriend and a friend acquired the car. And much has changed. Soon, his entourage had convinced what it means to stand in the way of a vengeful and ruthless Christine, the car is a Ghost, collecting a rich harvest on a field of death.
My opinion: This is one of the best books I have ever read. This is an unusual, interesting and slightly scary (if you get used to the role of victims of deadly jealous Christine). This is another position that the king fan should know.

Name: „Pet sematary”
Year of manufacture: 1983
Description:Creed family moved into a new home in Ludlow. It was the perfect place for couples with two children and a cat. Pleasant environment: forests, meadows, friendly neighbors outwardly it would seem that it was a good place. The road on which is constantly ran truck and place behind the house, full of children's hands created tombstones, was unpleasant, but not dangerous part of the apartment. Those who don't know the past, repeat it often and don't want to hear any warnings.
My opinion: It's a great book. While reading it I felt True emotions - fear, anxiety, the interest that lies in front of me on this story. Here king also meant that his imagination and nicely told her of my crazy idea.

Name: „The green Mile”
Year of manufacture: 1996
Description:Paul Edgecombe is a prison guard in Cold Mountain. Among the prisoners were accused of murder of two little girls him a big Negro with the ever-watery eyes, John Coffey, who is endowed with extraordinary strength. Paul believes in the innocence of a quiet, docile prisoner.
My opinion: The book is phenomenal. Nothing needs to be added :)
Name: „Needful Things”
Year of manufacture: 1991
Description:In a small provincial American town, the stranger opens a shop where you can buy everything what wants. The price for dreams not money. The buyer is obliged to arrange a seemingly innocent, prank another resident. Thus, the alien captive souls of their clients. From his charm no one can escape its pull. Only the local Sheriff based the temptation to fulfill his dream. Although it has its weak side.
My opinion: Description of the book was not interesting, so I thought it's boring.However, if we begin to read this novel, it will be difficult for us to stop, because it's a long and mysterious . Itself once for a long, winter evenings :)

I hope that my presentation was good and I think invited You read one of many novels by Stephen Kinga.