Causes of divorce

Causes of divorce

Divorces are so common these days that a lot of people doubt whether there is any point in getting married. How come that in the past people could live together “for better and for worse” and these days they often divorce after just a few years, or even months spent together? How is it possible that in the days when people often got married for all kinds of reasons but love, marriages could last, whereas nowadays people are free to choose the partner they love, and yet they get divorced so often? Well, there are three main causes of divorce: moral corruption, addictions and materialism.

Corruption means that people do not follow tradition, do not abide by old rules, do not respect religion and the sacrament of marriage, easily giving in to temptations. A lot of people choose entertainment instead of obligations and they do not care about family. Times have changed and now a lot of behaviors which used to be condemned are socially acceptable.

Another cause of divorce are addictions. Even though people were always attracted to things like alcohol, drugs or gambling, nowadays we are weaker, lured by images of a happy and prosperous life. All media or clubs open round every corner try to attract us offering moments of joy and oblivion. Alcoholism or drug addiction often cause violence and financial problems, destroying the whole family and causing great pain to children. Addictions are a common cause of divorces.

Finally, there is the problem of materialism. Materialistic lifestyle, promoted by fashion, television and celebrities has caused great harm to traditional values, so essential for the proper functioning of a family. People quarrel over money much more often than in the past. Moreover, money is much more necessary than in the past- we are dependent on things which we have to pay for, and their amount or quality often determines our social status.

In conclusion, we should realize that there are many reasons why people divorce, but most of them fall under one of the three categories: moral corruption, addictions and materialism. And once we realize these dangers, our future lies in our hands.