Błagam o pomoc!

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Błagam o pomoc!

Mam do napisania na jutro opowiadanie o tematyce science fiction. Mój angielski jest fatalny, proszę więc o pomoc i sprawdzenie mojej nieudolnej pracy.

-We're here!
-I can not believe it.So many months of waiting, but our efforts paid off.

Jan and Tom arrived on Mars.
Preparing for the journey it took them a long time.but when they went out of his spaceship to understand that that is what they dreamed of.
John and Tom were the envoys of NASA, and their task was to check whether the
Mars, there is life. Scientists believe if confirmed, would be a breakthrough for
Both men seemed to realize it and immediately took to his work.First began to explore the area. It turned out that the area is quiet, so they turn to set-up equipment.Busy with their work suddenly heard voices.The sound was becoming more pronounced.Unfortunately, his source was not known.Jan and Tom quickly ran to the spacecraft and from there watched
terrain.Suddenly, their eyes appeared three aliens.They were all identical, walked on four legs were red and had
huge eyes.When I saw a spaceship, began nervously to speak in a strange language.Scientists have not had time to realize, and have already been pulled from the ship
space.And three aliens led them into the unknown.After a short trip, they saw the huge sand castle. Aliens have introduced them to it ..