Bardzo proszę o poprawienie błędów.

It was in the autum two years ago. My father bought firewood on winter. The wood put near my house and went abroad. The weather forecast was bad, they announcment that it will be raining for few day, so i and my sister had to hide it before rain. It was very hard, we carring the wood to the basement for all day, without break apart from meal. for the next day I could not move and put my hands up.

It happened on holiday. I with my grandparents went on picnic in their village. There was organising a lot of competitions. We took part in one of them. and we wona cookbook. The prize was liked my grandmother. We came back in the evening. While i and my grandfather were playing chess, my grandmother was making a supper.All day I spend with them, I think that they was glad because they ofen talked about it.
Dziękuje :)